28 May to 30 September : Sculpture Trail

Sculpture Trail
Location : Menerbes (Vaucluse)
Date : 28 May to 30 September

As of May 28, 2016 and throughout the summer, the town of Ménerbes invites you to wander its streets and public places, the laundry in the church, to the discovery of monumental sculptures integrated throughout the visit town.

You will appreciate a stylish and unique combination of the raw metal of the artist’s works and cobbled streets, stone facades and green spaces that are the hallmark of Ménerbes.

“Etienne Viard is a local sculptor whose work is recognized and acclaimed internationally. For many years, he exhibited regularly in Ménerbes, and has strong links with the Galerie Pascal Lainé. It is in this context that the mayor and the artist met and an exhibition project was born. Today, through this journey of sculptures, the village of Ménerbes gives Etienne Viard the opportunity to introduce another dimension of his work, monumental in a “life-size” setting. “

"3 lames verticales" au Thor
“3 lames verticales” – Location : Le Thor
“Tempora” – Location : Baux de Provence
“Oblique” – Location : Ménerbes


28 May to 30 September : Sculpture Trail
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